Namyang (South Korea)

The Korean Star in the Crown of Mary, Queen of Peace, shone in a very unique place on the map of South Korea. It is the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary in Namyang, the first Marian sanctuary in this country. It was created in order to memorialize 19 martyrs from the Byungin persecutions in the 19th century. Their martyrdom was the reason why Namyang was designated a Holy Site on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on 7th October, 1991. Therefore, it is a truly Marian place. Moreover, it has been from its very origin a center of prayer for peace and reconciliation in the world, and particularly in Korea.
On the premises of the Shrine, also known as the Rosary Hill, there is a beautiful, oriental Chapel. Numerous pilgrims who visit this place, after having walked the Rosary Road, come to Mary’s statue who outstretches her arms to welcome them (zdjęcie). Full of trust, just like little Jesus boy clinging to her, they entrust to her their joys, worries and all intentions which they carry to the Shrine. Namyang is without any doubt a place of abundant grace of God. Having prayed the Stations of the Cross, one reaches the Garden of Jesus Merciful, where the statue of Jesus Merciful is found, as well as busts of St. Faustina and St. John Paul II. This garden was created out of conviction that there exists a huge necessity of proclaiming to the modern world the message of merciful Love of God
The solemn inauguration of the International Center of Prayer for Peace took place on 14th October, 2017, in the year of celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Fatima Apparitions. The event was highlighted by the presence of Church hierarchs as well as numerous lay Catholics of Korean Church. The representation of the “Communita Regina della Pace” Association was present too (the detailed report of the inauguration is to be found in the News tab of our webpage).
The Altar “Adoratio Domini in Unitate et Pace” (“Adoration of the Lord in Unity and Peace”) destined for Namyang, was located in the Chapel of the Sanctuary. It beautifully harmonizes with the Oriental style of architecture. Light, openwork, its focus are Eucharistic Jesus together with Mary who faithfully accompanies Him, and in the background, there opens a view of enchanting garden full of exuberant Asian greenery.
Just like all other realizations, “Adoratio Domini” was performed in the “Drapikowski Studio” Atelier in Gdansk, Poland. It is a pentaptych, created with the use of precious materials, such as: engraved crystal, titanium, silver, gilded silver and amber.
Its clear Biblical symbolism alludes to the Book of Revelation and it is an artistic representation of the passing from this earthly life to the reality of Heaven. The sacred of the model is the archetype of the place of eternal bliss of the saved ones.
Typical of this Altar are two motifs: rose bush (the symbol of Rosary prayer) and the crown of thorns encompassing the persons of Jesus and Mary (the symbol of the enormous suffering through which the salvation of the world was wrought).
The inspiration for the Marian monstrance was the renowned icon of Our Lady of Vladimir whose image one can perceive while admiring the aerial view of the Rosary Road in Namyang.
The Altar “Adoratio Domini”, which carries the relics of St. John Paul II, was blessed by Pope Francis during the General Audience in Vatican on 7th June, 2017.

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Namyang


October 14th, 2017

Creation date