Peregrination of “The Queen of Peace” – Radom

Peregrination of “The Queen of Peace” – Radom

The Monstrance moved from Wroclaw to Radom, the seat of „Comunità Regina della Pace” Association.

 The Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for Peace lasted there two weeks, from mid October until the end of the month. It was held in the Church of the Oratorians where our Ecclesiastical Assistant is stationed at present.

The solemn inauguration took place on 11 October 2019. It began with the celebration of the Holy Mass, afterwards the author of the Monstrance, Mr. Mariusz Drapikowski gave his testimony of his life at the side of Our Lady.

Subsequently, the Eucharistic Adoration was inaugurated by HE Bishop Peter Turzynski from Radom.

We are greatful to all who attended the Adoration to pray for peace in human hearts and in the whole world.  God bless you!


Photo: “Comunità Regina della Pace” Association.

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