19 September 2018

Just before the Inauguration of the “Star of the Immaculate” in Niepokalanów, on 1 September 2018, the artists Mr. Mariusz and Mr. Kamil Drapikowski gave an interview to EWTN Poland in the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration.

They shortly recalled the providential circumstances of creation of International Centers of Prayer for Peace already existing in different parts of the world as well as underlined that the “Stars in the Crown of Mary”, humanly speaking, appear in the regions stricken by wars and different kinds of persecutions, but in fact it is the Holy Spirit who leads the way.

Later on, they recounted how the dreams of the artists from Gdansk (Poland) turned out unexpectedly to converge with the dreams of the great Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe who gave himself totally to the Immaculate. When the project of “The Star of the Immaculate” was already on, Fr. Andrew Sasiadek, the parish priest of Niepokalanów found by coincidence an unknown letter of St. Maximilian where he presented his dream of building a huge Basilica with a statue of the Immaculate who, opening her arms, would hold with love her Son, Jesus in the Eucharist… Moved by this discovery, the artist together with Mr. Piotr Ciołkiewicz, the President of the “Communita Regina della Pace” Association would see it as a sign confirming that the Providence wanted this project to be realized in Niepokalanów.

Finally, Mr. Mariusz recalled how the statue of Our Lady in the Altar “The Star of the Immaculate” would touch the heart of one of the seers from Kibeho (Rwanda), who normally calm and peaceful, would exclaim seeing the project of the altar: “That’s how Our Lady looks like, that’s how She looks like! Why haven’t you made such a statue for Kibeho?”. Last but not least, the artist evoked a touching moment of personal talk with the Holy Father in the Vatican during the ceremony of the blessing of the Altar on 29 August 2018. Kissing the hand of Our Lady, Pope Francis said: “It is very good that She is so “ethereal” and so very beautiful…”.

In these opinions one can see the fulfilment of the idea which inspires the artists from Gdansk:

to create the beauty in order to help people pray.


Photo by EWTN Poland

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