Archbishop Peta explains the idea of “The 12 Stars”

Archbishop Peta explains the idea of “The 12 Stars”

We invite you to see the latest film presenting the idea of “The 12 Stars”. It is a speech given by our Spiritual Moderator, H.E. Archbishop Tomash Peta, Metropolitan of Astana, Kazakhstan.

Here comes the link:


Photo: “Comunità Regina della Pace” Association

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  • Greetings from the Sanctuary Our Lady of Kibeho, in Rwanda, where is one of the shining 12 Stars in the Crown of the Virgin Mary. I was very happy to follow the speech of H. E. Archbishop Tomasz Peta on the Idea of the “12 Stars”, and wish we will be very soon able to participate actively in this international apostolate of Eucharistic adoration for peace and reconciliation among people.
    Covid-19, disturbed this apostolate and until now no pilgrimage. Hope that we will succeed to “connect this Star to the entire Crown”…
    May God bless this very good initiative

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