An appeal of our Spiritual Moderator

An appeal of our Spiritual Moderator

Below we present the appeal of our Spiritual Moderator given to all of us in the midst of the restless situation which we are living these weeks:

“In recent years the practice of the Eucharistic Adoration has developed significantly. The activity of “Comunità Regina della Pace” Association and the Work it carries out (the 12 Stars in the Crown of Mary Queen of Peace), can be an example.

During one of “Europa Christi” Congresses, a representative of “Comunità” indicated the Eucharistic Adoration as means of “re-christianisation” of Europe.

It seems the fulfillment of this idea has just come. In the time when the state of emergency has been declared in many countries, and the access to the Holy Mass is extremely limited, all should be done in order that the churches are open and the whole-day, or even 24 h, adoration be held there.

If during one hour 5 people are in adoration, it means that during 24 hours, they will be 120 people and 3600 in a month!

The state of emergency will finally end some time, but the Adorations will remain in our churches!!!”

by H.E. Rev. Archbishop Tomash Peta

Metropolitan of Astana, Kazakhstan

Spiritual Moderator of “Comunità Regina della Pace” Association


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