Echoes of pilgrim tour through Hungary

Echoes of pilgrim tour through Hungary

The “The Queen of Peace” monstrance continues its pilgrim tour to Hungarian parishes.

The parishioners in each of the communities visited thus far have warmly received “The Queen of Peace” monstrance. In the Diocese of Kaposvar, Bishop László Varga led adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for peace for three days. Bishop Varga prayed on the meditations of Our Lady’s role and also led the prayers for peace proposed by the Association of Comunità Regina della Pace.

We would like to share a testimony of graces being received in Hungary as a result of the pilgrim tour: “Parish communities in small towns, where all is dim and grey, are being chosen for the pilgrim tour of the monstrance. In such places, the Holy Spirit can truly speak through the supernatural beauty of the Queen of Peace. Our Lady attracted people to adoration who kissed the pedestal of the monstrance, weeping. In Tarnalellesz, people did not want to leave until late into the night. The beauty of the monstrance brings a certain sublimity to these parish communities on the verge of economic breakdown, and uplifts them in this time when they need it most.”

Adoration in Dunavecse


Adoration in Nagymaros


Adoration in Ozd Szent Kereszt


Adoration in Tarnalellesz

The testimony and photos: Ms. Klara Modri, Hungary


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