Clothed with light

Clothed with light

…. are the first words of one of the compositions comprised in “The Oratorio for peace”.

It will be performed on the first anniversary of the inauguration of the World Center of Prayer for Peace in Niepokalanów, and to commemorate the 80-th anniversary of the outbreak of the World War 2, in Niepokalanów on August 31st at 8.00 p.m. It will be held by a vocal ensemble “Miriam”, conducted by Rev. Fr. Andrew Sąsiadek OFMConv., the parish priest of Niepokalanów Basilica. It was composed by a Franciscan composer Rev. Fr. Gregory Kwiecień OFMConv. “The Oratorio for peace” is inspired by film music and other modern music trends.  All texts are inspired by the Biblical texts.

“We will pray not only for peace in the military sense but also for peace in families, in workplaces, in our hearts” – says Fr. Sąsiadek OFMConv. – “I hope that the 11 pieces that we will present will delight the ears, but above all, the hearts of those who will listen to it”.

The next day, on September 1st, at 1 p.m. a Holy Mass for peace will be held in Niepokalanów too.


We invite all wholeheartedly!


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