Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

We invite you wholeheartedly to read our Easter Letter 2019!

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways.

The Lord be with all of you.”

2 Thess 3: 6

Radom, 12 April 2019.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

As Easter celebrations are drawing near, we would like to take the opportunity to express our heartfelt wishes: may you enter deep into the mysteries of the Paschal Triduum and experience the immense joy of Resurrection. Let us also share briefly with you on the projects currently carried out by “Comunità Regina della Pace” Association.

First and foremost, we would like to mention that this year, 25 March, marked the tenth Anniversary of the Inauguration of the first Center of Prayer for Peace by the 4th Station of the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem. This event initiated the Work of “The 12 Stars in the Crown of Mary Queen of Peace”. These years have passed by very promptly, and our gratitude to the Divine Providence is boundless, as the work of the prayer for peace is flourishing now in different parts of the earth. One can say that Medjugorie is its “cradle”, the place where the idea of prayer for peace before the Blessed Sacrament first saw the light of day. The first Center of Prayer for Peace, although subsequently relocated from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, is operating from the very beginning in the Holy Land, for which we desire so earnestly peace and reconciliation. Other Centers, scattered all over the world, are in: Oziornoje (Kazakhstan), Medjugorie (Bosnia – Herzegovina), in Ivory Coast and Rwanda on the African continent, in South Korea and in the Philippines where the project is still being carried out. Last but not least, the most recent Center is the Star of Niepokalanów (Poland), where since last year pilgrims have been gathering in great numbers in the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration by the Basilica of the Omni-Mediatress of All Graces (founded by St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe).

The projects that have been so far realized have definitely exceeded our expectations, but we hope that we will be given a chance to continue working for the cause of peace in the world and that this work will be fruitful… We also wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for many years of faithfully supporting us, both spiritually and materially. Without you, many beautiful projects would not have been carried out… Please be assured of our prayer for your intentions and keep us in your prayers too… God bless you!

As for our current activities, we are engaged in preparing a design of the Chapel of Perpetual Adortion for St. James Parish in Medjugorie – the Center of Prayer for Peace – the material sign of the Star in the Crown of Mary Queen of Peace. We hope that the next Altar of Adoration performed by “Drapikowski Studio” from Gdansk (Poland), will be destined there. Taking this opportunity, we would like to ask you from the bottom of our hearts to support spiritually this project, which we would like to accomplish for the glory of God as well as for the good of innumerable pilgrims visiting Medjugorie each year.

Moreover, we wish to share with you our joy due to the fact that the idea of prayer for peace is thriving in a growing number of places. We continuously receive propositions from different countries which wish to support prayerfully and organizationally the cause of peace by joining the Work of “The 12 Stars”. Therefore, apart from the Crown of the 12 Stars that is being created, which is embracing the whole globe, we wish to embrace it additionally with Mary’s Intercessory Mantle – countless centers of prayer where the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be held for peace in the world.

Several dozens of such “Stars on Mary’s Mantle” have already been set up, some of them in Poland. For details, please kindly check our website:, tab: Stars. We are strongly convinced that the prayer offered in each center of Adoration has an immense value and power, and actually influences the situations in our everyday lives, as well as those who live in the far ends of the earth.

Concluding, once again we wish you, your families and friends a grace-filled Easter. May the Risen Lord bestow on you new life, peace and inextinguishable hope.

Sincerely yours,


Piotr Ciołkiewicz                  ks. Mirosław Prasek COr                              Mariusz Drapikowski

President                                 Ecclesiastical Assistant                             President of the Design –

of the Association                                                                                                 Executive Team


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